Good design is as little design as possible
— Dieter Rams

Hello, I'm Eric

By day, I am a Product Manager for a major financial institution.

Currently focused on Salesforce CRM design, integrating multiple source system data streams ( trading data, client data, social media / news ) into crisp functional user experiences tailored to many different front office roles and lines of business.  Previously, I've focused on Product Management for Trading and Order Management Systems.  

I've also founded the boutique UX Strategy + Product Management Consulting firm MarketShot Solutions LLC.

I've proudly designed UX's / system flows for client applications currently in use globally. The user base of my projects has spanned from a few dedicated specialized users, to millions of users.

Innovation, functionality, and seamless design are my top priorities.  

I try my best to create and execute a vision in a dogmatic and somewhat evangelical fashion.  The purpose is simple, to drive all of my users & stakeholders to the utopia that my applications strive to be!

Application development is iterative no matter which methodology (Agile, Scrum, RAD, JAD, Waterfall, the list continues) therefore the feedback loop is of great importance to me.  Making users feel comfortable in providing me with feedback (good and bad!) is always a top priority.

I've previously founded the Equity Market Analysis blog that has been referenced & linked on the Wall St. Journal Blogs,, and

I can be found on LinkedIn, Twitter @MarketShot, or via email at

If you have an interesting project or speaking engagement that you feel I could be a great fit for, please feel free to reach out to me.  Thanks