- A SAMPLING OF my favorite books on -

Product Management

Product Design

UI Design / User Experience


"Market Wizards", "Reminiscences of A Stock Operator", "Lords of Finance",

"Backstage Wall Street", "Trading In The Zone"

Authors: George Soros, Jesse Livermore, William O'Neil, Nasim Taleb, Josh Brown, Robert Shiller, Nouriel Roubini...

Web Development / Social Media / General Tech

I highly recommend an O'Reilly Safari Bookshelf subscription (it's the only way I can keep up).


Authors: Dale Carnegie, Robert Greene, Sun Tzu


Philosophy / Biographies: Seneca, Rousseau, Montaigne, Marcus Aurelius, George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson,

Andrew Carnegie, Henry Clay Frick, Henry Ford, Ben Franklin,  Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla